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With EZVideo, our local research shows the average TV household will save around $360 per year in equipment rental and HD costs each year.

You’ll save on truck rolls, equipment maintenance and inventory, and headaches with this easily implemented, innovative and sticky service that delivers monthly recurring revenue on both TV service and internet connection.

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What is EZVideo?

EZVideo is a private, subscription based app that delivers live, local broadcast TV AND cable channels over an authenticated broadband connection using a BYOB model. That is, Bring Your Own Box. Customers access the service on their own tablets, computers, and streaming media players like Amazon Fire or Apple TV on a broadband connection. The BYOB model eliminates installation time, truck rolls, inventory maintenance and depreciation, and troubles yet allows your customer to enjoy entertainment on a platform they already know and use daily.

EZVideo is a turn-key package that is simple to integrate, fast to activate and ready for the future. The service can be live and delivering revenue within 8 weeks of established network connections.

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Why EZVideo?



EZVideo offers more choices at a lower cost than traditional TV deployments.
It is an agile video platform that constantly adapts, is cost-effective and is a complete end-to-end solution that rides on your Internet pipeline. It can increase market share and allow you to offer what others can't - to reach more customers and keep up with new and existing audiences demanding more intuitive technology in their entertainment experience.



EZVideo aggregates live, trick play, catch up, recorded, scheduled and on demand content into an easy to understand, streamlined entertainment user experience.
Your customers will be amazed at the traditional guide interface that segues to an intuitive yet interactive viewing environment. This app-based, pay TV platform moves traditional television channel watching onto devices that the end user already knows and has in their home. It functions now on Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Fire Stick, Android TV, computers, tablets and mobile smart phones with more platforms coming soon.

Save Money


EZVideo can eliminate the cost of stocking and maintaining expensive set top boxes with limited life spans, challenges involved with keeping collateral and staff up to date on device education efforts, and other support like spendy truck rolls.
Nearly half of your customers already have one or more EZVideo app devices. Parks Associates reported that by April of 2017, of the broadband homes in the United States.


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Behind the Curtain

DirectLink is a 114-year strong cooperative communications company located approximately 20 miles southeast of Portland, Oregon. We provide Internet, Video and Voice services to more than 8,000 business and residential members over a 100+ square mile footprint in the towns of Canby and Mt. Angel. We are also a wholesale provider for video, support, and ISP services for several tier 3 telecom partners in the region.

DirectLink has long been considered an innovative and forward-thinking local cooperative. We were honored to have received the 2013 TelcoVision Service Provider of the Year award for the launch of the first iteration of EZVideo - the first channel app to market in the United States to provide authenticated secure access to live, local broadcast channels over an Internet connection. We were also selected as the national host for the 2015 Gimme Fiber Day by the Fiber Broadband Association for innovations like this. We were also awarded the 2017 PRNet marketing award.